Government Contracted Undertakers

The Coroners Court of Queensland (CCQ), a business unit of the Department of Justice and Attorney-General (DJAG), is responsible for the administration of the Coroners Act 2003 and the Burials Assistance Act 1965.  The CCQ is responsible for ensuring that all ‘Reportable’ deaths under the Coroners Act 2003 are investigated.

Government Contracted Undertakers (GCU) are funeral directors officially engaged by DJAG under a contractual agreement, called a Standing Offer Arrangement (SOA). In accordance with the SOA, the GCU must provide the delivery of the following legislated services to our local communities:

  • Conveyancing Services of deceased persons for all reportable deaths that occur in Queensland under the Coroners Act 2003, and
  • Burial and Cremation Services approved under the Funeral Assistance Scheme in accordance with the Burials Assistance Act 1965.

Conveyance Services

When a death is reported under the Coroners Act 2003, the deceased person must be transferred by the GCU from the place of death to an authorised facility. Depending on the type of death the deceased person may be transported to a Queensland Health mortuary facility for examination purposes. The GCU is on call 24 hours per day, seven days per week (including public holidays).

Burial and Cremation Services

Under the Burials Assistance Act 1965, the CCQ is authorised to make funeral arrangements for eligible persons who:

  • have died in Queensland and
  • have no known next of kin who are willing or able to meet the cost of a funeral service.

This is administered through the CCQ Funeral Assistance Scheme.

Local Government Area

Queensland has 77 Local Government Area (LGA) boundaries and each LGA has a dedicated GCU. More information on LGA locations can be found at the Electoral Commission of Queensland website.

PLEASE NOTE: This form is only for government-contracted funeral directors (who hold standing offer arrangements) to claim for conveyancing, burial and cremation services.

Submit your conveyancing, burial or cremation invoices

A standing offer arrangement (SOA) governs the provision of:

  • conveyancing services for deceased persons under the Coroners Act 2003
  • burial or cremation of deceased persons under the Burials Assistance Act 1965.

If you have a current SOA with the Coroners Court of Queensland (CCQ), you will need to submit all invoice claims for conveyancing, burial and cremation services online via the CCQ invoicing portal.

All invoice claims must be submitted through the portal as soon as possible after performing a service, within a maximum of 30 days.

You will need the following supporting documentation to complete a claim form:

  • your tax-compliant invoice
  • receipts for any third-party expenses
  • a copy of your authorisation letter (for burial or cremation claims)

Register to access the portal for the first time.

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If you have trouble completing the form, or have a question about the supporting documents required, email