Coronial recommendations

At the end of an inquest, the coroner may comment on or make recommendations on anything connected with a death that relates to public health or safety, the administration of justice or ways to prevent deaths from happening in similar circumstances in the future.

What happens when a recommendation is made?

Recommendations are often directed to the Queensland Government although they can also be directed to non-government agencies.

The Queensland Government considers each recommendation and comments made by coroners at inquests.

A report is prepared with a response to each recommendation or comments directed to the government. The report outlines if (and how) the government plans to implement the recommendations and if not, why.

Responses to recommendations are published within six months of the recommendation being made (with updates twice per year until the recommendation is implemented or a decision made not to implement).

While nothing will compensate for the loss of a loved one, it is hoped that the families and friends of the people in these reports will receive some comfort that the recommendations aimed at preventing similar tragic deaths have been considered and, in most cases, implemented.

Responses to recommendations

Since 2013,  the government has published its responses next to  the individual findings of inquest.

You can download the Queensland Government’s response to coronial recommendations from 2008 to 2012.

More information about coronial recommendations is available here - Coronial recommendations.

If you have queries about the implementation of specific recommendations, contact the department or agency named in the relevant response.