Our coroners

Queensland currently has funding for 10 specialist full-time coroners located in Brisbane, Cairns, Mackay, and Southport.  Two additional Registrars located in Brisbane triage and investigate less complex matters, such as deaths from natural causes.

All reportable deaths are investigated by the relevant Coroner for that area, with the exception of deaths in custody and deaths as a result of police operations, which must be investigated by the State Coroner or the Deputy State Coroner only.

For information about how to contact the coroners in each of our Queensland Courts locations, please visit the Contact Us page.

State Coroner: Terry Ryan

The State Coroner oversees and coordinates the Queensland Coronial system to ensure it is administered efficiently and appropriately. The State Coroner may issue directions or may issue guidelines in respect of the conduct of an investigation.

Located in Brisbane, the State Coroner must investigate deaths in custody or deaths as a result of police operations.

Deputy State Coroner: Stephanie Gallagher

Located in Brisbane, the Deputy State Coroner investigates deaths in the Brisbane area, deaths in custody, or deaths as a result of police operations.

Brisbane Coroners:  Don MacKenzie, Melinda Zerner and Ainslie Kirkegaard.

Located in Brisbane Magistrates Court, the Brisbane Coroners investigate deaths in the Greater Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and South Queensland regions.

Southern Coroner: Carol Lee

Located in Southport Magistrates Court, the Southern Coroner investigates deaths in the Gold Coast area, Beenleigh and Logan.

Northern Coroner: Stephanie Williams

Located in Cairns Magistrates Court, the Northern Coroner investigates deaths in the North Queensland region, which extends from Cairns south to Bowen, west to Mount Isa, and north to the Papua New Guinea border.

Central Coroner: David O’Connell

Located in Mackay Magistrates Court, the Central Coroner investigates deaths in the Central Queensland region, which extends from Proserpine and the Whitsundays in the north to Gayndah in the south.

Registrars: Jessica Lambert and Acting Registrar

Located in Brisbane, the Registrars triage and investigate deaths that are reported to police:

  • because a death certificate hasn’t been issued; and
  • reviews potentially reportable deaths reported directly by medical practitioners or funeral directors.

The Registrars also provide telephone advice to clinicians during business hours regarding whether a death is reportable. These deaths represent the high volume, less complex, range of matters reported to coroners.